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Advancing Measurement Technologies to Assure Biologic Drug Stability and Efficacy

In this presentation, learn how you can ensure ultra-low residual hydrogen peroxide levels in GMP pharmaceutical production to avoid oxidation of biologic drugs.

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Avoid Oxidation. Safeguard Drug Stability.

Your aseptic manufacturing is wasting time with aeration cycles that are longer than they need to be. The solution is continuous, real-time measurement of hydrogen peroxide levels with detection limits as low as 3.3 parts-per-billion!

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Line Sterilization Considerations and VHP

-Ulla Grauschopf, Katherine Thomas, Joerg Luemkemann, Sebastian Scheider, Ada Hui, Y. John Wang and Kirk Eppler
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PI2114 Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Analyzer

Ensure ultra-low residual hydrogen peroxide levels for GMP pharmaceutical production with the Picarro PI2114 Gas Concentration Analyzer.

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Features and Benefits

Know exactly when your aeration cycle is complete so that you can manufacture with speed, precision and confidence using a hydrogen peroxide gas analyzer.



  • No wet chemistry
  • No consumables
  • Simple and infrequent calibration


  • Minimal training
  • Minimal training
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  • Measurement range 0–100 ppm
  • Precision 1 ppb (300 sec 1σ)
  • Lower detection limit 3.3 ppb (300 sec 3σ)
  • Response time @1ppm <1 min rise/fall
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•  Data Integrity

 - Analog outputs enable sensor-like deployment

 - Integrates with most SCADA systems

 - No write access to the internal file system

  Roles and Privileges

 - Built-in administrator, operator, and technician roles

 - Robust login/logout enforcement

 - Full-featured user management

•  Audit Trails

 - Comprehensive auditing of all user actions

 - Audit logs downloadable by administrators


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Compatible with 16-Port Manifold

The Picarro hydrogen peroxide gas analyzer is compatible with our 16-Port Manifold with internal PFA tubing and SilcoNertTM treated valve and fittings for near-simultaneous measurement of multiple sampling locations.

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