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Updated Water Brochure Image

Isotopic Water Brochure
Accurately measure δ18O, δ17O, δ2H, and 17O-excess in water quickly, simply, and without sample conversion
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ISO Water Faster Measurement Old

High Throughput Flyer
Achieve faster measurements with your L2130-i
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L2130 Datasheet Picture

L2130-i Analyzer Datasheet
δ18O and δ2H Isotopic H2O Analyzer
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L2140 Datasheet Picture

L2140-i Analyzer Datasheet
δ18O, δ17O, δ2H and 17O-excess Isotopic H2O Analyzer

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A0101 Standards Delivery Module Datasheet
Automated water isotope standards delivery system for extended unattended operations

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A0340 Datasheet Picture

A0211 & A0340 High Precision Vaporizer & Autosampler Datasheet
Highest precision isotope analysis of liquid water samples

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A0213 Induction Module Datasheet
Quick and easy analysis of water isotopes from solid samples

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A0214 Micro-Combustion Module Datasheet
Elimination of organic interferences
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ChemCorrectTM Flyer
Organic Interference Identification Software

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Technical Briefs

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ChemCorrectTM Technical Brief
Successfully flag chemical impurities in isotopic water analyses with the unique, information-rich quality data from CRDS
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L2130-i Peer-reviewed Publications

L2140-i Peer-reviewed Publications

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