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Next-Generation Monitoring Systems for Ethylene Oxide

Picarro is introducing our Advanced Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Emissions Monitoring Systems – the end-to-end solutions for industries using and producing ethylene oxide, including medical device companies, contract sterilization facilities, chemical plants, and hospitals. Our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services are designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, mitigating regulatory risk, and enhancing process safety. Our monitoring services include multipoint indoor air safety, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), and fence line.

Our comprehensive solution goes beyond just technology, offering unparalleled service, support, and expertise, from system commissioning to ongoing operation and compliance. With our dedicated team of industry experts, you can confidently navigate compliance and stay ahead of industry standards. As we partner together, trust in our commitment to provide a complete solution, designed to meet your operational needs.



Top Companies Prefer Picarro

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"We are currently using the Analyser with great success to help commission a new Catalytic Abatement Plant (CAP) at another of our facilities."

John Irwin
NSW General Manager

"We are confident that our partnership will help sterilization facilities operate more safely and sustainably."

Jan S. Hjort


"By incorporating Picarro's advanced emissions management solutions into our plants, we can provide our clients with the best possible safety and compliance solutions while minimizing the environmental impact of their operations."

Jordi Serrat
Corporate Product & Technology Director



Systems For All Your Monitoring Applications

CEMs and Stack Testing Systems

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Indoor Air and Multipoint

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Fenceline and Ambient

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Learn how to characterize EtO from Picarro and partners

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Learn more about Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS)


"I had received very good reports from industry contacts on the performance of the Picarro Analyser and we were blown away with the ease of use, versatility, specificity and range of accurate measurement. The low maintenance and ease of use are very welcome. The ability to get straight out of the box “real time” accurate measurements across a range of operations and varying ethylene oxide levels has enabled Steritech to optimise the performance of our 2 thermal oxidizer waste treatment units, confirm area monitoring of warehouses at low parts per billion levels, monitor heated aeration rooms with a range of less than 1ppm to close to 100ppm.

We are currently using the Analyser with great success to help commission a new Catalytic Abatement Plant (CAP) at another of our facilities.

We now have a tool that will enable optimisation of processes and data that will allow Steritech to stay ahead of the curve in the control, monitoring and operation of our ethylene oxide processing facilities.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship and adding more units across our plants."

John Irwin
NSW General Manager

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